Everything You Need To Know

By Icaria (other events)

Wednesday, July 31 2019 6:30 PM 8:00 PM PDT

You are invited to our CBD 101 Workshop hosted by wellness brand ICARIA. Join owner and founder Nadya while she delves deeper into the world of CBD from a holistic nutrition viewpoint.

We will be covering everything you have ever wanted to know about CBD and more. We know that CBD can be super confusing with a lot of misinformation floating around in the market so we want to set the record straight and allow you to be empowered when it comes to CBD.

We will start by breaking down the basics of CBD, busting some common myths and misconceptions, and explaining endocannabinoid system to familiarize those with less CBD knowledge. This will include how and when to take CBD.

However, most of our time will be spent going over the significant health benefits of CBD including:
- How CBD helps manage stress and cortisol;
- How CBD helps with anxiety and mood disorders:
- Why CBD is so effective for healing pain and inflammation;
- What CBD does to balance out our hormones;
- Other health benefits of CBD like improved digestion, skin, and sleep.

Our goal will be to show you how CBD can contribute to your health and well-being no matter where you are in life and on your health journey. 

Come with your burning questions to get them answered from a reliable and reputable source that you can trust.

Event Details:
Doors open 6.30pm
Workshop starts 6.45pm
Q&A 7.45pm
We will have light refreshments and CBD oil samples ready for you.

*You will be able to get your own CBD oil bottle with a special event price. 
**Limited tickets available


Looking forward to meeting you!